Jupiter Nielsen's love of the natural world started as a child, catching bugs in the garden and playing in the tide pools where he grew up in the Puget Sound of Washington state. That same enthusiasm drives him now living on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific ocean and Flameworked glass has given him a creative outlet for his passion.

"Flameworking glass became part of My life within the first month after moving to Maui in 1996. Hiking in the forests of Hawaii was part of my life from day one. I felt an immediate kinship with the Hawaiian landscape where the flora & fauna have the highest rate of endemic species anywhere in the world. I have gained a wealth of knowledge about Hawaii’s native plants through countless hours hiking, taking photographs and volunteering with many conservation groups. As my botanical knowledge has increased so has my skill at working with glass. Each piece is a puzzle that takes time, energy and skill to solve. Glass presents a wonderful challenge I thoroughly enjoy, never working the same way twice".

Over Jupiter's 20 years working with glass he has been lucky enough to give demonstrations overseas, assist teaching at world renowned craft schools and museums as well as work with and teach other amazing artists. He creates his borosilicate sculpture for private collections and many local Hawaiian galleries.

"Through glass sculpture, I endeavor to inspire others by sharing the love and passion I have for the natural world" - Jupiter Nielsen